Please Read Carefully

So don’t get me wrong. I write about KGSP on this blog because I know it’s confusing. Even I was confused and I speak English as a native speaker.

And the people who ask questions here basically ask good ones. You guys are doing the work by coming here in the first place, and I respect that.

So please forgive me for taking a moment to vent…

Theoretically speaking there are no good or bad questions in the world… BUT…

At the very least I wish that some people would thoroughly read the KGSP guidelines before asking questions. (Again not here… Mostly on f*ceb**k).

It would also be really nice if people on fa**bo** would read other people’s past questions before posting their own.

I understand the feeling that you must get everything exactly right, and the desire to get answers quickly. But on **ce**ok I’m not going to answers questions that I or someone else have answered before.

(But to reanswer some FAQs from there… “Faculty” (in the place where you write the university and department you are applying to) is not a faculty member/professor, it is a division of the university (above department). For example I am Yonsei University/GSIS/Global Studies. GSIS is my faculty, Global Studies is the department. And the second FAQ is about the top part of the checklist where it says “Institute of Application/ Confirmer,” you don’t have to write anything there. And finally, the “Research Proposal” is not for regular Master’s or PhD candidates. It’s only for the research scholarship. If you do not know how to fill it out, you shouldn’t be applying for it.)

So, yeah…

In Kyoto, Japan at Kiyomizu Temple there is a shrine dedicated to love and matchmaking. At this shrine there are two rocks. It is said that if you can walk from one rock to the other with your eyes closed, then you will be able to find your true love. It is also said that if you require help from someone to do it then you will also need help from someone in finding love.

I feel like this process is the same. I really wonder if some people are really ready for a graduate program if they can’t find the answers to the most basic questions themselves.

Again there are plenty of mysteries regarding KGSP, and tons of valid questions, and lots of individual circumstances. “Please tell me how to apply for this scholarship” is not one of them…

3 thoughts on “Please Read Carefully”

  1. Hello!
    Thank you so much for all the information yoi post here , it really hwlped me a lot . I want just to ask how can I find you on facebook 🙂 if it is possible ofcourse 🙂

  2. Hello, i heard that niied mostly gives more preference to science courses than art courses!! Please is it true?? because i want to apply for the 2018 kgsp-u and i don’t want to think i’m wasting my time, because i’m gonna apply for theatre and film at chung-ang university…

    1. For the graduate scholarship they accept students in a wide variety of fields, but the undergraduate scholarship accepts far fewer students and therefore is much more selective. It is going to be a challenge no matter what you choose to study. Read through all of the application information carefully to make sure they don’t have any restrictions about what you can study. Then you just have to decide what you think your chances are and whether it is worth it to apply. If it came down to you and a biology or computer science major, what do you have that they don’t? If you can tell NIIED why they should choose you instead of anyone else, then you should definitely apply. If not, then maybe you should look for other opportunities.

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