Health Exams ~ Part 2

So, once you’ve dealt with whatever hassle you should go through to complete the required health exam in your own country, you get to do it all again when you get to Korea.

The way NIIED words it in the official information, it sounds a little like you will do the exam at orientation, but that’s not perfectly true. It probably won’t be at the NIIED orientation in any case.

Each language institute or graduate school will arrange for you to do the exam either at school, or somewhere nearby.

KNU invited the official health exam people onto campus to check everyone in our classroom building.

Aside from the waiting before hand, it was pretty quick. We…

  • Peed in a cup
  • Read an eye chart
  • Got on a scale (that also magically measured height)
  • Had our blood pressure taken
  • Read a test for color blindness
  • Had blood drawn
  • Had a chest xray (without having to disrobe at all… but the image was displayed on a screen for all to see… which reminds me, I noticed that with the girl ahead of me, but forgot to look at my own insides…)

And then it was done. Pretty simple, and non-invasive.

One other thing about the medical check in your own country – you should keep an electronic or a physical copy of it for your own records. I highly recommend sending a scanned copy to them by email before you send the original copy, and in that case you would have an electronic copy, but if you can’t do that, try to make a photocopy.

If you are planning to live in a dormitory at your school (and if you are doing the language year you have to live in the dormitory), they will require you to submit a health examination before you enter. If you tell them that you have already submitted a health exam to NIIED, then it is likely they will waive the requirement to get another health exam, but just in case, it is good to have a copy of your health exam results to show to them.

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