Pet peeve

So I mentioned in another post that the KGSP facebook groups are a great resource when you are applying for the scholarship.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the basic leg work by yourself.

I am pretty sure many of the other bloggers or video bloggers would say the same thing (but don’t presume to spea for them, just myself).

I see a lot of people asking questions that have been answered elsewhere, often in that same person’s blog or videos. There are also a lot of people asking for very basic information about the scholarship that is fully answered in the guidelines for the scholarship on sites run by NIIED.

Now I will admit that the guidelines are not 100% clear, and that the bulletin for the scholarship is at the Study in Korea website, and not at the NIIED website, where one might expect it. BUT with simple google searches you should be able to get there. I did.

I am happy to answer questions, here and on facebook, but try to do your own research first. Think of it as the first step toward your advanced degree. If you can’t research a simple scolarship, how can you expect to produce original research in your major field?

I’d greatly prefer to answer questions about my own experience, than basic questions about the mechanics of the scholarship.

I’m not blaming, just reminding. We’re all busy people, so we need to take control of our own lives!

And finally good luck! There are so many wonderful opportunities available out there, and I hope that everyone finds one that is perfect for them!

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